Ltd Edn is a new family of beers from Brixton Brewery that explore a range of new styles, and techniques while staying balanced and drinkable.

We’ve always said that our beers are all about balance – the right combination of bitter, sweet and crisp. We’ve never tried to be the hoppiest, the booziest, or the most out-there with the flavour combinations, the brewery explained.

Mostly, we’ve aimed to make beers that people actually want to drink, not beers that a few people might try, but others mostly just talk about. On the other hand, we definitely want to create exciting, innovative beers. We’ve noticed that more people have developed more experimental tastes. So now we’ve got more capacity in the brewery we’ve started experimenting too, they added.

Jez Galaun, Head of Brixton Brewery, said: “We start out by making a small batch, like the home brewers we originally were. If it works, we scale it up. By the time it reaches you, it’s been tested, tweaked and tested again.”

The Ltd Edn range features a pared down label design, combining two bright colours on a white matt background, a departure from Brixton’s trademark multi-coloured labels.

The first addition to the range is SPARK! Table Beer, a low ABV hop-forward hazy pale ale, brewed with Vienna and oat malt, featuring bright melon and stone fruit flavours.

This first beer is available now in bottle and keg.