Edinburgh 2017

Top banner v2The Brewers Lectures is coming to Edinburgh for its third instalment in June 2017. The confirmed speakers list can be seen below, a full speaker list will be announced in April. Seats are very limited.

Venue & Time

Dovecot Studios, 10 Infirmary St, Edinburgh EH1 1LT

22 June 2017, 1.15pm – 6pm

Followed by drinks at Andrew Usher & Co., 32b W Nicolson St, Edinburgh EH8 9DD


Tickets are £20 per person and include beer and snacks on the day. To order more than five please contact sales@rebymedia.com or call +44 (0)1442 780 594


Confirmed speakers

Daniel Lowe | Fourpure

Daniel Lowe is the co-founder of London’s Fourpure. Serving at diverse venues from the Tate to popup restaurants in railway arches, the company has national distribution through Tesco and M&S; and exports to an ever increasing and diverse global footprint. In Edinburgh, Daniel will place the spotlight on new brands, rapid growth, scaling, decisions and the challenges around that.  

Stu McKinlay | Yeastie Boys

Stu McKinlay is the co-founder of Yeastie Boys. A native of Wellington, New Zealand, Stu is now based in the UK and is responsible for the impressive year-on-year growth of its beers such as ‘Digital IPA’ and ‘Gunnamatta’.

Nick Dwyer | Beavertown

Nick Dwyer creative director at London-based brewery Beavertown will tell how a ‘perfect storm of weirdos’ came together to create the brand’s instantly recognisable style. He will talk on the importance of branding and packaging; how to go about outsourcing (and when not to); and the rules to follow and mistakes to avoid.

Adam Hardie | Johnstone Carmichael

Adam Hardie is the Business Development Partner and Head of Food & Drink at chartered accountants Johnstone Carmichael. He has a wealth of experience in fast growth owner-managed and early stage companies across various industry sectors.

Chris Shearston and Vicky Carr | Textbook

Chris Shearston and Vicky Carr are part of the team at Textbook, a design studio based in Manchester. The team, which is responsible for the creation of Cloudwater’s iconic logo, focuses on printed materials, especially editorial and publication design, for arts and culture sector clients.

Phil Lowry | Simply Hops

Phil Lowry is one of the craft brewing originals with experience in the craft market for over 20 years, that makes him one of the best-known personalities in brewing. Phil looks after the growing European and African market for Simply Hops and is the co-founder of Dover’s Breakwater Brewery.

Robert Percival | Lallemand

Robert is a qualified brewing professional with extensive experience in quality and technical roles in beer production. Working for yeast specialists Lallemand, his expertise includes fermentation and cask beer production. IBD young brewer of the year 2013/14, he is passionate about beer flavour and sensory science.

Sophie De Ronde | Munton’s

Brewing expert and innovator Sophie De Ronde runs a pilot brewing plant at Munton’s facility. In this lecture she will give a guide to best brewing practices, common problems and how to solve them. Looking at haze issue, over fermentation, yield changes, process issues, slow or incomplete fermentation, Sophie will give a detailed insight into the causes and solutions. Sophie will also guide brewers on changes in malt throughout the season and how it can change your brew.