The West London brewery has named the two machines, which were supplied by Kuka and were commissioned by SCM Handling, after two former team members, Brendan Bray and Richard Keith.

The Brendan robot stacks and de-stacks casks, while Richard removes and replaces locator boards – the robots will have to work in unison, much like the real Brendan and Richard did for decades, explained the brewery.

Brendan Bray, joined Fuller’s in April 1966, leaving in August 2014. In this time he worked his way up from Copper Boy to brewing team leader.

Richard Keith joined in August 1982. He joined as a mechanical engineer and managed the day to day running of the engineering team. He retired in March 2016.

Simon Dodd, managing director of Fuller’s Beer Company, explained: “These robots show our continued long term commitment to producing fantastic and delicious cask beer.

“It is a great tribute to name them both after former colleagues. Brendan and Richard are very much part of the Fuller’s family and they knew every nuance of how the Brewery operated.

“These robots now stand proudly next to Les, our original robot in the keg racking line, named after our Chief Engineer, Les Birchmore, who retired last year.”