Walworth, South East London-based Orbit Beers has marked its third birthday with a rebrand of its marketing.

Orbit worked with alcohol branding design agency ByVolume on the project, which aimed to retain the brewery’s commitment to independence, love of music and independent record labels

The brewery also plans to expand into a neighbouring archway which will double the 10bbl brewery’s footprint.

Orbit also expects to upgrade some of its equipment and add a new member to its brewing team.

Robert Middleton, founder and owner of the brewery, explained: “As a small, South London based, independently owned and operated brewery, we are as proud of our independence as we are of our core beers.

“Beers which we think are timeless in their adherence to balance and finesse. We hope you’ll continue to join us in drinking Orbit Beers as we continue to grow and evolve!”