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Weird Beard unveils Japanese IPA

Tsujigiri, which also features yuzu to add citrus character, is brewed with Sorachi Ace and Chinook hops, the latter used to complement the sake yeast.

The brewery, which enlisted Dean Pugh, general manager at the Shepherd’s Bush branch of BrewDog, launched the beer at the end of May.

They explained on their blog: “The aim and the result: an easy drinking I.P.A with a considerable twist! Speaking of twists, the name of the beer, which is obviously Japanese, can get you a little tongue-tied.

“Tsujigiri literally translates as “crossroads killing” and describes the impulsive act of a Samurai testing out his new sword on a random individual or passer-by. Not too far removed from an ‘impulse brew’.

“It is not your everyday I.P.A but can be surprisingly drunk like one. The beer comes to 6.2% and on the nose, it’s citrussy because of the yuzu.

“It also has a subtly herbal aroma with a fresh minty-ness from the Sorachi Ace. Sipping on the beer, you get the I.P.A bitterness through the tangy lemon and fresh herbs, but it rounds off really refreshingly and balanced. It’s bang on for the summer and a delight to drink.”

The Craft Beer Co launches London Beer Carnival

The four-day event, which is split into six sessions, is a “celebration” of great beer featuring 50 breweries from across the globe.

Breweries will each bring 12 kegs to the event and showcase two each session. Those that have already signed up include Weird Beard, Evil Twin, Magic Rock, Prairie Artisan Ales and Thornbridge.

The carnival takes place at The Vaults underneath Waterloo Station and each five-hour session will set you back £50.

For this, you get a limited edition glass, brochure and, importantly, unlimited 90ml samples throughout the session.

For more information, visit

James Clay brings Founders’ venerable KBS to UK

The 11.2% imperial stout, which has a place in beer folklore, is aged in oak bourbon barrels and brewed with chocolate and coffee.

Released yesterday (30th May), the beer, which is available through a number of independent beer outlets across the UK, is limited to a four-pack per person.

The company explained: “James Clay is extremely excited to share this beer with UK beer drinkers. Founders KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout) is cave-aged in oak bourbon barrels for an entire year to make sure wonderful bourbon undertones come through in the finish.

“In past years, beer enthusiasts have crashed web servers with the traffic caused by your interest in this beer and Founders have even had people camping outside the brewery in frigid temperatures so they can be first to get their share of this great beer.”

Beavertown launches first canned TIPA

The beer, which features Citra, Mosaic and Crystal hops, is a collaboration with Oregon-based Boneyard Brewing.

Available in 330ml cans (from a dwindling number of outlets), the IPA is also available in keg and is pitched as a “dry sessionable 10%” beer.

Logan Plant, Beavertown founder, explained on his blog: “I first met Tony, Clay and Melodee, the trio behind the awesome Boneyard Brewing from Bend, Oregon in 2014 at the Brewers dinner after Mikkeller’s CBC.

“We sat next to each other after an amazing two days of serving our beers in Copenhagen. By this point we had hit some amazing wine and laughed and talked a lot about life and beer. A friendship was formed and good times planned!”

Tony, brewmaster at Boneyard visited Beavertown to brew the beer, which pours a dark orange and has a sweet but balanced flavour.

Logan added: “Tony and I got chewing over the malts and hops…a lot of hops!!! And how we attain a kick ass, smooth, dry, sessionable 10% triple IPA?!? Easy right! DIPA and TIPA are really tough brews to nail.

“To create that ultimate high ABV monster that drinks with easy and finesse is a true art form. Take Vinnie’s ‘Pliny’s’ and Tony’s ‘Notorious TIPA’ as examples. Such well considered and brilliantly executed beers.

“So it’s our pleasure to give you ‘Power of the Voodoo’ Triple IPA. As Tony explained about Boneyard’s Notorious TIPA “Wherever that beer goes, it takes names! We feel that at 10% ABV, ‘Voodoo’ is up there and taking them too.”